Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday Mentionables, part 2

Yes, I know it's not still Monday, but, Woo Hoo! Since there were so many shops to feature, I've decided to add a part 2 this week. I love checking out all the shops and seeing what they have to offer, and this time, I got to find some wonderful art by a group of 3 French artists, Serpentaires.
This, the newest piece, is currently the favorite. You can read some more about the process behind the piece by checking out their blog Called Babylon, it is an original drawing inspired by the hanging gardens of it's namesake (Babylon).

Another favorite is called, simply, The Moon. A short description from the artist: This is a print of the illustration we created for The Moon card from our Manesse Tarot.

Next up is a printable digital file, featuring watercolor work. It is the Rose birth announcement. All the wording is customized to your specifications. What a beautiful way to let the world know your princess has arrived!

Need something to spruce up your workspace? This wonderful, whimsical piece would be an appropriate print to hang....

Aside from the prints and drawings and such, there is also this lovely doll named Margot. Here is a little about Margot, direct from her description:
Margot is maybe a little old school. she likes to wear plaid skirts, white tucked blouses, and ribbon bows in her hair, and enjoyes sitting in the sun on an autumn afternoon. She's also a friendly, cuddly girl, sewn from cotton and filled with polyfill so as to be easily washable. All of her clothes are removable, including her tiny black brocade shoes.


  1. Cute picks! I really like Babylon!


  2. Thank you for the feature !!! A lot !

  3. Great post all those pictures are adorable

  4. Nice to see the work of another illustrator. Great blog here!


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