Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Mentionables - A Double Feature!

Since last week was a crazy one for me, and I never had a chance to do my Monday Mentionable feature, this week will be a double feature!!! This week, the two lucky shops are kuberacove and maggiesze1!!!
First up is kuberacove. A little about the shop from the shop announcement: You will find rocks, crystals and minerals. You can find amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, dark and light colored crystals, healing crystal wands and crystal skulls. They are organic, natural and there is a little story behind each one.

Perfect for the upcoming Haloween holiday, are the lovely crystal skulls:

And there are loads of natural stones to choose from, including my favorite (also known as my bithstone, this Amethyst stone:

Next up is maggiesze1. From the shop announcement: Welcome to Maggie's Little Closet!Grab your favorite drink, sit back, relax and let the fun begin. Here you will find various kawaii (cute) items that I hope you might like. Please feel free to browse around. If you have any questions or would like me to create a custom item for you, please convo me and I'll be happy to help.
Some of the cutest jewelry can be found in this shop. Like this ice cream eraser necklace:

Or these adorable earings:

Check out the shops today and show your support for handmade!

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  1. What great shops!
    Love the Jack and Sally earrings in maggiesze1's shop.


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