Monday, June 28, 2010

Tips From The Productive Mom

If you have your own Etsy shop, and are looking for ways to improve your visibility, then you need to check out The Productive Mom's (AKA Grace) blog!
The latest post is on 3 things you can do in about 30 minutes to update your shop that can improve your chance of being seen both within the Etsy community and out.
A brief rundown of what is included....
1. Tweak 5 Listing Titles (SEO Improvement)
2. Tweak Your Store Announcement (SEO Improvement)
3. Align to Etsy’s Merchandising Desk Series

So stop by, have a look at the details, and leave Grace a message!

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  1. Thanks for linking to the post! Hope you found the article useful. :o)

    Grace Hester
    The Productive Mom


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