Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Free Printable Valentine's Day craft

Since Valentine's day is just under 1 month away, it is time to start getting all those class cards ready. But you want something fun, that the kids will actually like getting, and remember after they've thrown all those store-bought cards in the garbage. All that, without spending a lot of money, right?
Well, today is your lucky day. With this downloadable popcorn wrapper, scissors, a little tape, and a box of microwave popcorn, you can have a great little Valentine's Day gift that your little one's classmates will not soon forget!

Beary Happy v-Day Popcorn Wrapper                                                            

Want to make some now? Just follow these easy steps:
1. Download the file by clicking on the image above and following the directions on Scribd.
2. Print as many copies as you need.
3. Cut out image just outside of  the outermost black line ( the large rectangle, not just around the center image).
4. Fold on black lines above and below center image.
5. Wrap around one package of microwave popcorn.
6. Secure on back with a small piece of tape.
7. Repeat for remaining pieces.

Here's an example of what a completed popcorn and wrapper looks like:

Don't want to print your own? Check out the selection of popcorn wrappers available on CraftedByDesign.Etsy.com.


  1. What a wonderful idea, only wish I had done this when my 3 kids were growing up...btw I read about you on Audreys blog, wow you are quite a woman...

    God bless you and your family.

    Take care


  2. Thanks Joyce! They are a lot of fun.


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