Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Mentionables

This week's honor goes to The3Maries. From the profile page: So here we are The3Maries. Featuring items inspired by the littlest Marie, and made by the two other Maries, Her mama and her Nana.
With an assortment of handmade and vintage items, this shop has a little something for everyone. They even have supplies, so that when that create-a-saurus bug bites, we have the means to make something unique.

Vintage items range from jewelry

to children's books (my favorite things in the shop!).

The hand made section includes wonderfully painted items like this saw blade.

One of these would be perfect for the woodworker or builder in your life.

And, last, but most definitely NOT least, is the wide variety of supplies available. You can purchase this cupcake-cake mold to create a masterpiece for a birthday party.

Or how about a counted cross stitch kit?

All things combine make this a wonderful lovely shop for browsing. And when you find that perfect something, indulge yourself, and make a purchase from The3Maries!

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