Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fun, Free Valentine's printables

Just in case you've been living in a hole lately (or maybe you're just a procrastinator busy, like me), and you need a few fun ideas, you are in the right place!
I posted about a free popcorn wrapper that is available on my Scribd page not too long ago. There is also this scripture related wrapper that would be wonderful for giving to a sunday school class.
I Know the Scriptures Are True Val Wrapper                                                            

Not into popcorn? How about a little chocolate? Or, better yet, a LOT of chocolate? With very little effort, and very little money, you can give a really fun custom wrapped KING SIZE Hershey bar! (Honestly, what says "I Love You" better than chocolate?)

Click Picture to download file
Also available for King size Symphony bars

Not quite what you want? Use these a jumping off point to design your own!


  1. Love that idea, super cute! I especially like the monkey wrapper.

    Happy Sat. blog shopper day!

  2. Happy Blog Shopping! My post for the week is up at

    Jan's Eclectic-MIx Blog.


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