Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Custom Orders

I had the opportunity this week to make a custom bonnet for someone special. Her name is Nevaeh Grace. She is a special little girl who has been diagnosed, en utero, with anancephaly. You can follow her family's journey here.
I enjoyed making this, though it was with some sadness as it is a preemie size. It is difficult to see how small it is based on the pictures, but it is roughly large enough to fit a head the size of an orange.
I am honored to have had the privilege to create something so lovely for someone so deserving.


  1. Thank you so much. Bless your heart. I will let you know when I receive it. Thank you for also following and linking to my blog I will be a follower of yours also.

  2. Momma - you are welcome. Your package went out yesterday. You may also lik to this story if you like.


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